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The Astronaut Who Painted The Moon
by Dean Robbins

I like this book

Athena The Brain
by Joan Holub

Athena The Brain is a great book! It is interesting and it explains the beginning of Athena's life. I love reading it and definitely plan on reading it again. I encourage other readers to read it too.

Baseball Biographies
by Dean Burrell

I like the book

Baseball Biographies
by Dean Burrell

I like the book

Mercy Watson Fights Crime
by Chris Van Dusen Books

Mercy is a smart pig. Mercy loves butter and toast. I liked this book a lot. The neighbors do not like Mercy (in the book)The owners of Mercy are very nice.

The land of stories book 1
by chris colfer

I thought the story tellers were funny and I thought they made up good characters. Froggy was my favorite character.

Narwal Unicorn Of The Sea
by Ben Clanton

I thought this book was very good. There are really good pictures and it's colorful. It's kinda funny.

Magic puppy
by Sue Bentley

I loved Magic puppy so much that I would give it another star if I could. It is amazing! I really recommend it to others.

Spy School
by Stewart Gibbs

Spy school is an amazing book which I love. I is interesting and enjoyable with many twists and turns. I would gladly read it again. And of course I recommend Spy School to others.

Dog Man: Grime and Punishment: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #9)
by Dav Pilkey

I loved the book because it’s hilarious. My favorite part was when the police van drove to the prison and got the mayor dirty.
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